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Multigenome Variation Viewer :: HEK293
Compare the variations of 6 HEK293-cell-lines with each other and the reference sequence.

The HEK293 (Human Embryonic Kidney 293) cell line is one of the most frequently used cell lines in cell biology, second only to HeLa cells. Moreover, they are used for biopharmaceutical production and are very popular hosts for small-scale protein production and for viral vector propagation.

Decades of 293 and 293-derivative cell cultivation have led to progressively different genome structure and sequence alterations. Knowledge of the genome sequence of 293 cells and of the SNPs and CNVs amongst the different lines is not only important to understand basic 293 biology and the genomic changes associated with cell culture and clone selection, but is also especially relevant in the light of mammalian cell genetic engineering.

This web tool provides for easy browsing through the sequence- and average copy-number level variations of six different HEK293 cell lines, and have included links that invoke the Integrative Genome Browser (Broad Institute) for inspection of the underlying data.